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We're always on the lookout for fresh and new crafting ideas to teach you, so take a look below at some options we offer and we'd love to

hear from you with ideas for great projects!

Glass Etching
Glass Etching Pride Crafticity Craft Class
Cheers To South Carolina Crafticity Glass Etching Class

This class provides everything you need to take home a custom glass creation! Bring your ideas and inspiration and apply stencils and etching cream to create your own masterpiece.

This is a fun and easy class that anyone can do. We promise you
will leave with something you can be proud of.

Nail & String Art
Group String Art Pride Crafticity Craft Class Greenville SC
String Art Doggy Crafticity Craft Class Greenville SC

This class is fun and guaranteed to make you smile. Hammer out
those frustrations! We provide everything needed to make
something unique that you can display with pride knowing that


We promise anyone can do this. We have special tools and a proven method that will help you leave with a completed piece. 

Bottle Openers
Bottle Opener Craft Pride Crafticity Craft Class
Bottle Openers South Carolina Clemson Pride Crafticity

In this class you get to create something unique and useful! We have pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained boards that set you up for success. 


Many options available for stencils and designs so you can create something totally yours.  We promise anyone can do this. Just come on out and give it a try.  

Succulent Planters
Succulent Planter Craft Fun Crafticity Greenville SC
Succulent Planter Craft Creations Crafticity

Green thumb? It’s okay if the answer is no.

We make this class easy for you to make a beautiful tabletop worthy succulent planter.


We provide everything from the planters to the plants!  Come plant with us!  

Paper Pumpkins
Paper Pumpkin Pride Crafticity Craft Class
Paper Pumpkin Craft Class Crafticity South Carolina

Learn how to use old books and turn them into something tabletop worthy!


This class is a lot of fun and you will get to create and decorate something that will be unique to your tastes. 

Reach out to us with any questions regarding particular craft processes, craft materials, or event details at info@crafticity.com or click below to send us a message.