While gathered around the bar with friends, ideas began surfacing. Out of all the bad ideas, one good one emerged. We all wanted to hang out, talk and relax but we also wanted to make or create something and try something new. We thought, if only there was an event to craft and create while having a beer... 

So, we gave it a try. Crafticity was born.


We are a pop-up event that partners with local businesses in order to promote our purpose which is simply to gather, relax, craft.

We aim to provide a space that welcomes everyone, regardless of skill level, to gather with others, relax with a beverage of choice, and create something crafty that they can be proud of.


We are Walt and Sara Herbert. Together we own and operate Crafticity. We both have always been hands on people with a maker’s heart. We love the opportunity that Crafticity provides us to share that passion with others in our community.


Walt is an engineer by education and daylights as a product manager for a small company in Travelers Rest. Sara has a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management and daylights as a project manager for a Software Company based out of Charlotte, NC.  


If you attend one of our classes you will likely meet our golden puppy Penny.  She really runs the show and can’t wait to meet you.